Woodfit Acoustics

Beauty EleganceFlexibility

Woodfit Acoustics Curved Panels can be used in a wide range of wall and ceiling applications. The panels are designed specifically for individual projects and sizes are flexible.

Curved panels offer designers and architects the opportunity to incorporate beautifully curved wood, laminate, solid, paint or high gloss finishes into their designs.  

Technical Data

These panels can be finished in a range of different materials from veneers, laminates, painted, printed or stained to match other surrounding finishes on a custom basis.

Absorption or reflection can be altered by modifying the open area and changing the substrate thickness. We have a range of various design profiles to select from.

With a wide range of finishing options, we can cater to your needs in terms of fire classification, sustainability and appearance. We can also provide architectural joinery items such as custom trims, skirtings, acoustic doors and frames and also custom joinery items so you can be sure of consistently high quality colour matching and a project that meets your requirements.

Curved Panelling System In Action

Opera House, Egypt / Wexford Opera House / Helix Theatre, Ireland