Woodfit Acoustics

Our perforated panels combine the natural beauty of wood with precision engineered perforations in a range of classic patterns.

Warmth PrecisionFlexibility

Suitable for wall or ceilings using a simple T-grid or other custom installation system and are available in square or double square configurations.

Constructed from 12mm to 18mm thick medium density fireboard (MDF) core, with a choice of finishing options including natural veneer, laminate, melamine or RAL colours. We can also provide perforated panels with various shapes, curves and other custom features. Holes can vary in diameter and centres yet perform acoustically.

Perforated panels are available in standard sizes of 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm. These panels can be mounted or hung on walls and ceilings by a range of systems shown in our brochure. 

Custom perforated panels with various overall panel size, perforation size and perforation spacing are also available to suit any project. NRC values will vary depending on perforation size and spacing.

Technical Data

These panels can be finished in a range of different materials from veneers, laminates, painted, printed, stained or painted to match other surrounding finishes on a custom basis.

Absorption or reflection can be altered by modifying the open area and changing the substrate thickness. We have a range of various design profiles to select from.

With a wide range of finishing options, we can cater to your needs in terms of fire classification, sustainability and appearance. We can also provide architectural joinery items such as custom trims, skirtings, acoustic doors, door frames and custom joinery items so you can be sure of consistently high quality and a project that meets your requirements.