Woodfit Acoustics

Woodfit’s reflective panels are used to direct the sound and strengthen the hearing by distributing the sound in the room, auditorium, or opera hall. Since there are no perforations to these panels, they do not absorb the sound but enable it to spread homogeneously in the right direction. All our absorber, perforated, slatted, and grooved acoustic panel models can also be produced as reflective panels upon your request.

We can make curved and 3D panels that will reflect the sound as required by the acoustic consultant to the required density to suit every project. With this the sound is reflected and scattered properly, choosing the reflective model that is suitable for the preferred
absorber panels in order to provide an aesthetic appearance for your projects.

Beauty Sound ControlFlexibility

Reflective panels can be used in conjunction with absorber panels in a range of scenarios but are particularly important in performance spaces and places of worship, where the retention of sonic energy and higher reverberation times serve to enhance the listening experience.

Our plain reflective panels can also be used in a vast range of fit-out scenarios where there may be no particular acoustic requirements.

We can provide reflective panels in T-grid ceiling systems as well as in a wide variety of bespoke shapes and designs.

Technical Data

These panels can be finished in a range of different materials from veneers, laminates, painted, printed or stained to match other surrounding finishes on a custom basis.

Absorption or reflection can be altered by modifying the open area and changing the substrate thickness. We have a range of various design profiles to select from.

With a wide range of finishing options, we can cater to your needs in terms of fire classification, sustainability and appearance. We can also provide architectural joinery items such as custom trims, skirtings, acoustic doors and frames and also custom joinery items so you can be sure of consistently high quality and a project that meets your requirements.

Reflective Panelling System In Action

Sala Cecilia Meireles, Brazil / Knock Basilica, Ireland