Woodfit Acoustics

About us

Who We Are

Woodfit Acoustics is a global leader in superior quality wooden acoustic panelling. We are one of the world’s foremost providers of acoustic panelling with a client base that spans the globe and are in the business of assisting architects and designers in creating spectacular spaces with exceptional acoustic performance.

What We Do

Woodfit provides a strong Management Team with a vast number of years of knowledge and experience to look after the project from start to finish.

At Woodfit, we take pride in what we do and ensure we achieve the highest standards. We provide the keenest attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship even on the most complex of structures.

Woodfit provides turnkey wooden interior fit-out solutions to a complete range of major commercial projects both domestically and internationally.

we are proud of this

Why Choose Us

Over 40 years of experience

Through investment in research and development, Woodfit Acoustics push the boundaries and develop solutions that meet the design needs of architects and designers.  With over 40 years of experience, we have the expertise to guide you through the design process and deliver your project, as you envisioned it.

Professional & Committed Team

Behind the beauty and quality of our work lies a professional team, who are loyal, experienced and committed with a ‘can do’ attitude. This is something we take very seriously and feel sets us apart from our competitors.

Extremely High Level of Quality

Woodfit Acoustics is renowned for its extremely high level of quality, ensuring architects and designers designs match their vision. We’ve developed a superior range of wooden acoustic panels providing standard and customised solutions to clients around the world. Today, we enjoy a fruitful working relationship with our client base and relish the opportunity to make their creative vision a reality! Get in touch today to discuss your project!